The Inner Beauty Routine

Sorry boys this post is mostly for girls, but feel free to read! You could learn something too!

Every morning starts the same for most girls. It begins with hopping in the shower, selecting an outfit of the day, make-up, hair, perfume etc. This beauty routine has become part of a girl’s every day life!

However, there are so many things more important than physical appearance. (Obviously) so I was thinking, what if us girls cared more about how others view us personally rather than physically? 

Here are a few easy things us girls can fit into our daily schedule to help us become more attractive to others! 


Start each day with a smile! Look in the mirror when you wake up and give yourself a big smile. I know it sounds crazy but trust me this works. It not only brightens your mood but also is proven to increase your positivity throughout the day!

Believe you’re beautiful. 

Because you are! Confidence is attractive on anyone. Believing you are beautiful is a sure way to make you feel good about  yourself!

Tell someone thank you.

It can be your mom. It can be your bus driver. It can be your friend from class who lended you a pencil. Everyone loves to be appreciated and will appreciate you because of it!

Be a good listener.

Everyone likes knowing that someone is giving their full attention. It makes others feel important. This not only makes people like to be around you but others will want to befriend you.

Be Kind.

This is obvious but being kind to others actually makes you feel good too! Say hi to the people you see in the hallways, compliment your lab partners shoes, and help your coworker with a project today.

Touch Someone.

This one sounds weird I know. I don’t mean for it to be creepy But it’s a proven fact that people are comforted by physical touch. Give someone a hug just because, touch someone’s shoulder to show you care, put your arm around your best friend, and jokingly (and gently) shove your little sister. These things all create an approachable and comforting character for you.

Give compliments you actually mean.

Instead of every time someone says “I like your shirt” saying “I like yours too” say, “thanks! You’re such a great friend!” Or tell your professor you enjoyed his lecture today (only if you did) and tell your big brother how much fun it is to get a ride home from him after school. Meaningful compliments are the best kind of compliments.

These are just a few things we can work on each day to make ourselves more beautiful on the inside! Thanks for reading!
Love and Hugs!