Daily Habits You Should Acquire 

There are some things that just make you feel better about yourself: making someone laugh, waking up and feeling well rested, taking a bite of your favorite food, etc. I truly believe in enjoying every moment we have. Life is short! So here are some things I make a habit of doing everyday, and you should too

1. Don’t snooze your alarm
When it’s time to start your day, get going and be thankful for a fresh start.

2. Take time to prepare a good breakfast at least once a week. 
Eat breakfast everyday. But eat a really good breakfast at least once a week. It’s refreshing and calming to eat a great breakfast. Take time to enjoy a peaceful meal. It’s a wonderful way to start your day!

3. Say hi and smile to people you walk by on the way to class/work.

This is very important! You never know who’s day you could make or who you could meet. It’s a nice confidence boost to see so many faces smile back at you. 

4. Take time to do something you love. 

If it’s reading, listening to music, going for a run, or watching Netflix… Do it because it makes you happy!

5. Use natural lighting

It’s good for your body to adjust to what time of day it is by how bright it is outside. So open a window or go outside just to see how beautiful of a day it is. 

6. Go for a walk
This break can provide you with a true peace of mind. It’s refreshing and great exercise! Bonus points if you take your dog!

7. Dress up
Make yourself look presentable! (This is something I struggle with for morning classes) but it really is true when people say you perform best when you look your best! You never know when a job opportunity may arise or a cute boy/girl might ask you out (; …there’s also something about looking your best that makes you feel great too! 

8. Drink Water with Lemon
There’s technically two parts to this habit. First, drink lots and lots of water! The long term benefits definitely outweigh the hourly trip to the bathroom. Secondly, put lemon in your water and skip putting salt on your French Fries. Little healthy things can go a long way too!

9. Keep your space clean
I also struggle with this one. In the rush of the day it’s easy to throw your sweater on the chair next to your bed and let that pile of clothes on the chair grow for weeks. Instead, take time each night before bed to tidy up your room. An organized room can help to lower your stress.

10. Meet someone new
You can never have too many friends. It’s important to be open to meeting people. We live in a world of networking and it’s no longer a road to success by what you know but instead it’s who you know. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you take these daily habits into consideration! 

Love and hugs,