The Truth About Greek Life. 

As I sit on the couch at 1:15 at night with my sorority sister (and one of my best friends) I’m realizing how lucky I am to not be the only one awake in this house. My second year living in the sorority house has been just as eventful as you can imagine. However, there are a lot of things you don’t know about my sorority. Being a part of Pi Beta Phi is one of the greatest choices I have made thus far. I’ve met over 150 beautiful girls (inside and out) whom I know I can rely on for anything.

I know that in the past few years the news and social media has twisted and transformed Greek Life to have quite the negative image. But truly, Greek Life is an experience I wish everyone could have. There are so many wonderful things that Greek Life provides for college campuses, their members, and even the world. It isn’t fair to give every sorority and fraternity a bad reputation because of mistakes that a few INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE have made. Notice that I said INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE and not certain chapters. It also isn’t fair to give one chapter a bad reputation because a few members (or even one member) ruined it for everyone.

I want everyone to understand why I think Greek Life is so great. Despite the stereotypes of hazing, partying, and buying your friends, there are so many great things a sorority or fraternity has to offer.

1. Sharing a bond with people all over the world.

I can personally relate to this. My mom was a Pi phi, my younger sister is a Pi phi, and my best friend is a Pi phi in a different chapter. I’ve had people come up to me in Disney world, airports, restaurants, etc. and say they noticed my shirt and that they were a Pi phi too! It’s amazing to have a connection with people you don’t know.

After my sister ran home to the Pi Phi house on bid day.

My best friend and fellow Pi phi Claire from the University of Nebraska Lincoln 

2. You have a 100+ supporters and friends. 

I’m not going to lie and say that everyone in a sorority or fraternity gets along. But I would defend any girl in my chapter any day. We all support one another and encourage eachother. I’ve been to more football games in the past year solely because girls in my house are on the cheer team. I’ve gone to art shows, award ceremonies, intermural Volleyball games, and even a thesis presentation just to cheer on my sisters!

  All the Pi Phi’s throwing what we know because our Pi phi Makayla won Greek Godess 

3. You will have a Carrie Bradshaw closet

If you don’t have the perfect outfit for formal, Halloween, or a job interview then someone in the house does. It’s like you have unlimited clothes! Everytime a girl goes on a date in our house we all borrow her any clothes, accessories, make up, or hair products she needs for the night…and you can bet your bottom dollar we watch through the windows while he comes to pick her up. (This happened like two days ago)

Last years Thrift Shop Date Party 

4. You have an automatic social life

Freshmen year is a social test for everyone. It can be difficult to get in with the right crowd or to even find a crowd at all. Greek life provides one hundred smiling faces ready to meet you and create a life-long friendship. It also provides a full calendar of social events. But it’s not all Toga parties and fraternity mixers. There are also philanthropic events, formals, networking opportunities, workshops, sisterhood events, etiquette dinners, etc.

Amanda and I at the Pi Phi tailgate for the annual SDSU vs USD game

5. You’re more likely to graduate

yep. that’s right. 71% of those involved in Greek life graduate on time. 50% of those not involved in Greek life graduate on time.

Clare, Peyton, and I on Bid Day

6. You give back to those in need.

did you know that over 7 million dollars is raised by sorority and fraternity members annually? That means that during the four years you’re in college you will have helped raise over 28 million dollars. That looks pretty cool on a resume!

Clare, Cassidy, and I at our annual Pi PHI bow Tie feed

7. You have job opportunities all over the country

when girls in your sorority graduate they scatter across the country, creating opportunities and connections all over. I have friends in Washington D.C., Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, etc. and it makes it very easy to get help finding internships and future employers.

Me and Mariah who is now in Washington DC doing great things! 

8. You have a lending hand

In any given situation there is someone to help you out. Need some ibeuprofen? someone in the house has some. Need a shoulder to cry on? There’s 230 of them willing to listen. Had too much to drink at a party? Someone will help you get home safe. Need a ride home when it’s pouring rain? Someone will come to get you. Your sisters/brothers are always there for you.

Pi Phi’s and I on my 21st

9. Clothes.

Senior week and Big/Little reveal will be like Christmas all over again. You receive so many cute new shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and everything in between. And when you graduate you will pass them down to your little and all the girls in the classes below you that you love.

My beautiful Big, Madeline, and I at Date Party

10. True Friendship

I can honestly say that sorority and fraternity life provides true friendship in a multitude of forms. It’s the moments at 2 in the morning when you and the only other girl awake in the house decide to order a pizza, or when someone gives you the biggest most genuine hug after you’ve accomplished something great, when your sisters listen to you read out loud every text message from that confusing boy from English class and help you decifer what he means, when your sister holds you while you cry because the boy from your English class was a huge jerk, and when you can sit in the basement with 56 of your best friends and watch the bachelor all afternoon -while looking your absolute worst-but feeling your absolute best because you’re with them.

A few of My beautiful Pi phis!


this goes out to all my Pi Phi gals at 118 N Plum!
Pi Phi Love & Mine,