Giving Back. Receiving Too. 

About five years ago today I was sitting in mass and heard an announcement about the summer mission trip to Crow Reservation, Montana. At that moment, I heard a voice in my heart telling me that I needed to go on this trip.

The day before I went on this trip I cried. HARD.  I was so nervous to go on this two week long trip by myself. It was something I had never experienced and I had no close friends traveling with me for comfort. The morning came quick and there I was standing outside my parent’s car hugging them tight and dreading the long drive to Montana. 

Little did I know, this trip was the most amazing experience of my life, to this day. I learned what it truly meant to give back to a community. From building fences to teaching young children how  to tie their shoes, this trip touched my heart in an entirely new way. The people on this reservation had nothing, but their smiles were a mile wide and their eyes held the joy to prove it. 

I can still remember the names of every person that touched my life and even keep in touch with some people from the trip! Five years later I find myself still praying for those who I met in Montana and remember so vividly each of their faces. The Mission opportunity has provided me with more than just a resume builder or even a service trip. I experienced an entirely new way to love deeply and see Christ in others. 

It is important that each of us have an experience like this at some point in our lives. To live in a world without iPhones, Target, or even J. Crew (gasp!) this world shows a joy brought purely from one another. And that is the kind of life we should live.

I want to thank everyone from this trip who made me a better person today. And everyone who helps me continue to grow now. 

And to those of you who are interested in doing a mission trip I highly recommend going on one! Check a local church or community service board to get more infomration.
Love and Hugs,