The Pollyanna

This summer one of my goals was to try as many different restaurants as I possibly could. It’s so interesting to compare the unique characteristics of each business and what quirky traits make up their image! 

However, while I was in Watertown, South Dakota last weekend Jackson and I decided to go get coffee and rolls Sunday morning when we noticed something peculiar. Each coffe mug, wine glass, bottle, or cup had Watertown advertisements printed all around them. I thought this was such an interesting idea and approach to getting people to notice local businesses!

However, this intriguing advertisement strategy got me thinking of how considerate it was for all the local businesses to support one another. Rather than viewing businesses as competition or enemies they recognized that in order to have success they must build the business community together. 

If only people understood this simple concept. Building eachother up and “advertising” the positive things about people will make for a happier community. It’s easy to make someone’s day by simply saying “Anna Perry you have the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. And your laugh can brighten anyone’s day!” Or “Joshua Bloom I swear no one gives better hugs than you do. And you’re easily one of the most genuine people I know.” These people are also totally perfect examples of Pollyannas (These are real compliments if you’re reading this guys.)

It’s so important that we build one another up. Ellenor Roosevelt once wrote a book called Pollyanna. When I saw this book on a shelf in Barnes & Noble I looked up what the word meant. 




an excessively cheerful or optimistic person.

It’s important to see the good in others, and when you do, tell them! Tell others! It feels good to be loved and it feels even better to love others. Be a Pollyanna to everyone you meet. You never know who’s life you’ll touch. 

What I’m trying to say is that we should advertise the wonderful things we notice about people! There are so many people that I wish I could write down all the beautiful things about them and print it on a cup! But for now, I’ll just have to tell them in person. And you should too!

Love and hugs,