Kick off College Right!

My advice to incoming college freshmen.
1. Say hi to people you walk by on the way to class

Saying hello to people you walk by makes you come off as approachable. You never know when your smiling face might make someone’s day!

2. Give Greek Life a try!

Doing recruitment my freshmen year is the best decision I’ve made thus far in college. Sure it might have a bad rep sometimes but trust me, it’s not what it seems. Greek life brings you life long friends and even longer lasting memories! (Read more about Greek life in a blog coming soon!)

3. Raise your hand in class

Sure 8 Am Calculus class on Monday morning is quite the drag (trust me I’ve been there!) but staying involved and attentive in class is how to be a shoe-in to ace that first test! Another bonus is teachers are more likely to bump up grades and offer extra credit to students who participate in class.

4. Always do the extra credit.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 99% or a 65% in a class. Always, I REPEAT ALWAYS, do the extra credit. You never know when you’ll need it. 

5. Get a Daily Planner

A day planner is an excellent way to stay organized! This can help you stay on track and have due dates for each upcoming assignment and project in class. It’s also a nice way to stay on top of hometown friends’ birthdays.

6. Don’t be afraid to change your major.

I know it seems like your major is perfect right now, but by second semester bioengineering and astrophysics with a minor in organic chemistry might not be as easy as you thought. Take it from a girl who is terrified of needles and thought she was going to nursing school. HA!

7. Your roommate can be your best friend, but they don’t have to be.

It’s great when you and your roommate are best friends! But it’s definitely okay if you guys are into different things. It’s nice to be able to have late night talks with someone but also have a seperate group of friends.

8. Call your family.

One of my favorite memories with my youngest sister is having her call me during my freshmen recruitment to wish me goodluck and tell me she missed me. Don’t forget to call on your grandpas birthday, Mother’s Day, or when your cousin gets engaged. Just because you’re at college doesn’t mean you’re exempt from these dates.

9. Put up pictures of your friends and family in your dorm room.

That way you always have some smiling faces to come home to. It makes the adjustment easier and eases the homesickness. 

10. Try new things

good news is… This isn’t high school! People don’t judge you for being in Spanish club or a business fraternity! These things look great on your resume and you wouldn’t believe the people you’ll meet!

Goodluck to all you incoming college freshmen! I hope my advice brought you some peace of mind. Now go rock first semester!

Love and hugs!