My Adventures and What I’ve Learned.

My adventures have brought some beautiful (and not so beautiful) moments to my life. Before I write about anything else, I want you to learn a little bit about what kind of person I am. So, these are just a few of the adventures I’ve experienced in the past and the lessons I’ve learned along with them.

Lesson #1 True friends will help you search through a garbage for your retainer.

Even when it’s in a sports bar and smells like mustard, beer, and spicy wings, she will help you carry it home. WARNING: You will also have to walk because you’re only in seventh grade and can’t drive yet.

Lesson #2 Don’t spend the night if it’s a costume party…actually, just don’t spend the night in general.

Trust me on this one. The return home in the morning is not quite as fun as the night before.

Lesson #3 There is really nothing better than fishing with your dad or gardening with your mom.

Listening to your parents’ advice, childhood memories, and daily stories while doing what they love has got to be one of the most rewarding things in my eyes. Always remember that one day they may not be there to do this with you. Take advantage of every moment you have with them.

Lesson #4 If he says I love you on the first date…run. RUN.

this is not a joke.

Lesson #5 Your best friends may not be your best friends forever, but they played an important role in your life. 

Each one of the people I’ve considered to be best friends at one point in my life have taught me very valuable things. At the time I truly felt like I could count on them. Even if that isn’t true to this day, they were there for me when I needed them.

Lesson #6 Always hold onto the jet ski, not your best friend’s life jacket.

Somehow, the bottoms of your swimsuit could hit the motor and shred to pieces. Then you will be forced to wait in the middle of the lake without a swimsuit while your friend goes to go get you another one.

Lesson #7 Never call someone a bunghole in front of a 7 year old.

their parents won’t think it’s as funny as you do when they repeat it. I promise.

Lesson #8 Do things by yourself. Not little things. BIG things.

go on a mission trip, join choir, audition for a play. You won’t believe the people you will meet. And you might actually get the lead in your senior year musical.

Lesson #9 Let your best friend play her Justin Bieber album for you.

you might just become a Belieber. or obsessed. or both. I don’t know though.

Lesson #10 What other people think of you is none of your business.

Even if someone says you’re a dumb blonde, or has gained the freshmen 15, or is a frat rat. Who cares. Because Elle Woods, pizza, and my SAE friends are some of my favorite things.


These are just a few of the little lessons I’ve had thus far in my life. So, I hope you will join me for the rest of the adventures that are soon to come.

sending all my love,